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Today, I am not going to let anyone…

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My Epiphany: Treat your body like a temple, and you wonder why it’s crumbling. LOL

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#FACT: We each have our own lives and we each live it in our own way.

As much as ppl may want others to live their lives in a certain way, to say certain things or even to do them, it will never happen the way they want it to. Only an ignorant and arrogant person would do that to others, expecting to have everything their own way. The only thing they’ll ever get, is the repercussions of what Karma will do to them for it. Most agree, as they know ppl who are or have done it. I said “maybe u should warn them of all consequences, what the government will do and everything else”. That’s when they agreed and said “Karma should teach them a lesson”. It’s more than just sense, it’s also common sense.

#FACT: Those who don’t have sense or common sense, are not only a danger to themselves but also to those around them. **Besides all mental health services, this information can be found through most child services and government agencies.

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A Better Me | Copied Quotes by Celia Morgan on EyeEm