Posted 2 days ago


Why do ppl make up something different to what they’ve bn told or what they’ve heard?

It reminds me of Chinese whispers - say a word than add another, then repeat until the end - someone always stuffs up, coz they had a lot to say before adding their own word. It is instances like that, which makes me wonder why something is said or heard differently. But it’s also suppose to be a known fact that we can only hold certain memories for so long or what we’ve heard and been told, depending on what it is - it’s 30 seconds for the average person.

Posted 5 days ago

Censor, Censoring, Censorship: to suppress someone from acting on, saying or doing something. OR to suppress something from occurring. #WOTD

Posted 1 week ago

I wanted to watch a tv show and was asked to post this link, then I’d be able to watch it. Idk if it actually works though, I don’t like doing this sort of thing for something that’s free…

Posted 1 week ago

A lot of the time, I say what’s on my mind. Others seem to get upset or have something to say in return, yet what I said was not about them and has nothing to do with them.

To Those Who Don’t Like Me Being Myself:

I’m sorry that I can’t say, do or be what u want, I was raised to say what’s on my mind and to not hold anything back. I can’t/don’t/won’t change myself to fit in ur world, u’re obviously not worth being a part of my life!

Posted 2 weeks ago

#FACT: It’s not always called ‘answering back’, it’s sometimes called ‘standing up for one’s self’.